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This website serves as personal blog and also documents what is hosted at this server. 

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Garuda Linux

Custom designed, blurry beauty

The so called “dr460nized” editions of Garuda Linux offer a dark, blurry and fully immersive experience. 😍 The workflow is mac-alike with the appmenu baked right into the top bar – thanks to using FireDragon as default browser instead of Firefox it is also integrated with the appmenu! To provide a very high level of immersion the bleeding edge version of Latte dock is used and theming has been handpicked so no part of the system remains unthemed! 

Useful tools for everyday tasks

Garuda Linux ships with custom tools & settings for maintaining the system. That means even people new to Arch or Linux should be able to operate it with only little assistance needed🤞 Since it is built on top of Archs repos and uses Chaotic-AUR, it always has the latest packages! If you want to know more about how it all started, I got you covered! 😀 



Take back your privacy

Recently we got to know that Mozilla no longer supports a free internet. Their browser, Firefox, collects a lot of telemetry by default. Librewolf is a community maintained project which cuts the privacy compromising parts out of Firefox and provides a hardened browser config. That means no about:config tweaking is needed, everything works just after opening the browser for the first time. It has one very big drawback though: no Nightly (alpha) are builds available – just stable releases. 😲  Recently also a stable version of FireDragon got released which will serve as default browser for the Garuda Linux!  🐉

Privacy-aware, sane defaults

When I found out that a talented Maintainer brought a working PKGBUILD to AUR which is able to build from bleeding edge branches I was definitely interested! Even better, with some modifications I was able to build a custom branded version with my own settings called “FireDragon“. This fork ships sane defaults which let many things which are broken in Librewolf work out of the box, ships with the Searx search engine, some handpicked patches from Gentoo, Ubuntu & Debian and some useful addons. Of course it is also available at Chaotic-AUR, built daily from the latest source!

Hosted project

Garuda Cloud

Well integrated cloud storage

Nextcloud offers an easy to operate, well integrated file syncing solution. It can serve as an open source alternative to proprietary services such as Google Drive. Combined with DAVx5 it is also able to provide contacts and calendar syncing for Android phones. As you might notice, its Dashboard looks absolutely georgeous and can mimic the “dr460nized” look 😇

Open source, alternative cloud ecosystem

As already mentioned, Nextcloud is able to integrate well into a lot of services. Garuda Linux provides 250MB of storage for its users to serve as an example of an open source cloud ecosystem which can be selfhosted. At first that might not seem much but keep in mind this server runs on hardware provided by Fosshost and is provided for  free so you can test it out! 😌 Currently about 250 people signed up for this service. Im looking forward to how this develops!

Hosted projects

Bitwarden and Cryptpad

Convenient password manager

Bitwarden is a modern, open source password management tool which has native apps for all major operating systems. When working in a team, it is easy to share passwords with the “corporation” feature! For browsers and Android devices autofill can be used which makes the process very convenient as well. ✌️

Secure alternative collaboration suite

CryptPad is a private-by-design alternative to popular office tools and cloud services. All the content stored on CryptPad is encrypted before being sent which means nobody can access your data (even the server itself!) unless you give them the keys. 🔑

Hosted projects

Searx and Whoogle

Private & flexible metasearch engine

Searx is a so called “metasearch engine” which is able to aggregate search results from over 70 search services! Unlike the widely used Google or Bing, Searx does not track or profile the user in any way which makes it a good choice for privacy aware users. Also no advertisements are shown and private data is removed before sending requests to the actual search engine. Due to being able to pull search results from a lot of different sources, Searx is able to provide a lot of different results if settings are adjusted accordingly.

Privacy aware search engine using Google results

Whoogle is another good alternative when it comes to search engines. This one uses (as the name might suggest) Googles search results while removing any data which might be able to identify the user when sending the search request to Google. Also, advertisements & sponsored posts (often not identified by the user as such) are a thing of the past when using Whoogle. Some people might prefer this over Searx as this offers Googles search results, which are often better and more fitting than for example Bing.