When starting to provide this server on my old VPS the game lagged a lot when playing with three people simultaneously because of the CPU being used up completely. The solution to this laggy mess was renting a new VPS with four vCores instead of only two. Other steps I took to enhance performance included replacing Spigot (a custom minecraft server) with PaperMC (basically a drop-in replacement with even better performance due to massive improvements) and pre-rendering large amounts of the world using a plugin. At first the Arch native PaperMC package was used, however that changed when I wanted to provide a subdomain dedicated to Dynmap. As all other services are running in Docker containers it was naturally to do the same with this Minecraft server (this also improves security because it isolates the server from the rest of the system). Quickly I found a maintained image and migrated all files successfully to the new server. This also helped with an annoying problem: By default quitting the console also kills the server. Using Tmux can be a workaround but pressing CTRL + C accidently happened to me way too often so having Docker restart the container automatically everytime it goes down is very convenient! 😇

Minecraft server
The server console