As Chaotic-AUR is the repository (kind of an appstore for Linux distributions) of Garuda Linux and one of the user repositories with the most (and most useful) packages out there I decided to provide another mirror for it. Especially a massive increase of web traffic on the main server made this necessary! The repo can be accessed at and can be found in the chaotic-mirrorlist package as well. 

Chaotic-AUR provides everyday applications such as Spotify, GitHub Desktop, Visual Studio Code Insiders, a variety of Linux-tkg kernels and lots of other software which is not available in the official Arch repositories. The recent loss of the 380GB RAM main cluster made changes necessary – thats how our Garuda builder became one of three clusters to build individual packages for Chaotic-AUR. About 1820 of the previous over 4000 packages have been recovered until now and building packages is automated again! 🙂 

This server has now evolved into a Chaotic-AUR builder to help with compiling all those nifty packages which couldn’t have been updated daily otherwise! Currently it builds the entire KDE/Plasma -git stack (bleeding edge, daily compiled packages), most of the stuff I use personally & some of the requested, less heavy packages daily. Have a look here to have some insight 😊

BlackArch mirror

The recently released Garuda BlackArch edition has many tools of the BlackArch project included. If you dont know BlackArch, its basically a distribution like Kali Linux made for pentesting purposes however with a lot more tools and – what makes it truly interesting – its based on Arch Linux like Garuda. That makes us able to basically use Garuda as base with the BlackArch repo on top to offer all those goodies. Since I got in touch with the BlackArch developers, we now have support for that editions tools & BlackArch related questions offered by those really kind people at their Discord! I thought it was a really good idea to provide another mirror at my VPS for their repository to contribute at least a bit 🙂 

Minecraft Server (currently shutdown in favor of Chaotic-AUR)

One of the main purposes of this server is to provide a Minecraft server to my friends and me. There are quite a few mods active to enhance gameplay and performance. The server itself is PaperMC – the next generation Minecraft server offering massively improved performance while staying compatible with Bukkit & Spigot plugins. The list of active mods includes (click for info):

Minecraft farm
Minecraft spawn

Teamspeak server (currently powered on demand)

People gaming together need a platform to chat on with each other – this is why this Teamspeak server was setup. Even though I would have loved to use Mumble (its open source, low latency & provides high quality audio!) Teamspeak was chosen as that is what most of my friends used already in the past. Setting it up is easy and just “works” for this purpose. 

As there are 32 users allowed to use the server simultaneously in the non-paid version there is obviously still a lot of space available 😀